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SAVOR is more than a menu!

The safety and health of your customers are so important to the future of your business! Choose to implement the multilingual menu, which can be customized according to your wishes! With a simple scan of the QR code, the restaurtant guests will step online into the realm of flavors and dishes from the menu!



Admin platform


Why choose the SAVOR digital menu?

Fast and Easy

You can easily upload the menu and quickly update product descriptions, ingredients, nutritional values, allergens or prices

Accessible from anywhere

Everything in the cloud, you can access the platform on your phone or laptop, without downloading applications

Multilingual & photo gallery

You have the option to enter the menu in several languages and you can upload a delicious photo gallery


Customize design for menu and online ordering application

No additional costs

No setup fees or sales commissions

Feedback function

Customers can provide you with anonymous messages about their experience at your place