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These general conditions define the conditions of use for the site and the savor.land platform, by visitors or customers.
Use of the platform is subject to compliance with the general terms and conditions detailed below. If you choose to visit the site and access the services provided, you assume full knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The owner of the domain, the site and the savor.land platform is Web Square Agency S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as WSA), a limited liability company, having its registered office in Romania, Târgu Mureș, Str. Tudor Vladimirescu no.56 / A, Jud. Mureș, registration number in the Trade Register J26/999/2020, CUI 42890630, Special VAT Code EU RO43027140.

All information, products or applications are the property of WSA, which reserves the right to change their content, functionality and / or structure at any time and without prior notice.
The entire content of the savor.land domain is protected by copyright law, all rights reserved. All rights regarding the pages, content and presentation of the site are owned by WSA. No part of this site may be reproduced, modified, displayed, distributed, transmitted, published, marketed, licensed, created, or used in any way without the written permission of WSA.

WHAT IS savor.land
savor.land is a platform specially created to facilitate the online publication of restaurant menus. The restaurant's customers access the digital menu directly in the phone / tablet browser by scanning a QR code with the camera.

The purpose of the site content is to provide up-to-date and accurate information about WSA products and services.
WSA cannot guarantee that these pages do not contain errors, and assures that it will do its utmost to provide accurate information and remedy any errors.
Anyone wishing to purchase one of the services or products presented is asked to contact WSA through one of the means displayed or on the Contact page of the site, to find out more about the availability of the service or product in question and contractual conditions, tariffs and technical or other information.

This site may contain links or links to other sites deemed useful by WSA in connection with the content of its site and which are not under its control or guidance. In the case of the use of these links or references, the general conditions of use corresponding to those sites will apply.
WSA cannot guarantee / control the timeliness / accuracy of the information present on the websites of third parties, to which reference is made from its website.

Any person browsing savor.land, and who provides personal data or information, expressly and unequivocally agrees to the following: the processing of such data and personal information by the WSA for the purpose of conducting market research;
- transmission of promotional materials specific to direct marketing operations; the WSA's handling of requests, questions and complaints (see Contact page on the site); other activities undertaken by the WSA and permitted by law, which are not subject to approval by the recipient.
WSA will maintain the confidentiality of this information.

Access to the platform is free, by filling in the user registration form.
The fields required to be filled in are: email address, password, restaurant name, country, voucher / agent code.

The activation of the account is done by validating a link received on the email address in the form.
Accounts not activated in a maximum of 48 hours will be automatically deleted from the server.

WSA may deny or block access to the platform if it considers that one or more information is not in accordance with reality, or violates certain principles or regulations.
The account can be deleted without notice, and the WSA is not required to provide an explanation.

By registering a new account, the user agrees to activate a service subscription and agrees to all the terms of use presented.

Once the access account in the platform is activated, the minimum subscription is activated, respectively the PREMIUM package (described in the price page). The free period specified in the subscription is considered to start from the moment the account is activated.
After this period, the user will be able to continue using the services only if, before the end of the free period, he adds a valid card to the account.

The subscription type can be changed at any time. Once the type of subscription is chosen and the card is added to the account, the payment is recurring, the amounts related to the subscription will be automatically debited from the customer's account, at the beginning of each subscription period.
Recurrence can be changed (by changing the subscription type) or stopped (by deleting the card from the account) at any time.

The subscription will be extended until suspended.

Each new account includes a free period.
During the free period the user will have access to all the functionalities associated with the chosen type of subscription. The QR code can already be displayed in the restaurant or on the terrace, it can be scanned by customers.

At the end of the free period, in order for the subscription to remain active, the user is obliged to choose a recurring payment method, respectively to add a valid card to the account.
Even if the card is added to the account faster than the end of the free period, the card will be debited, respectively the reactivated subscription, only after the end of the free period.

Recurrence management, automatic invoicing and online payment are carried out through the Stripe secure payment operator (details on stripe.com).
The payment of the subscriptions is made exclusively online, by bank card.

The system automatically issues an invoice for each payment received. WSA issues a tax invoice for the subscription / subscriptions purchased on the site, for which purpose the user will provide all the necessary information, by filling in the fields in the Billing Information section.

The invoice for recurring payment can be found in the customer's account and downloaded from there.
The billing data used by the automatic billing system is the data saved in the account at the time of payment. The user must ensure that the tax information is correct and up to date.
Once issued, an invoice cannot be changed.

The subscription can be suspended under the following conditions:
- after the free period, if the customer has not added a valid card to the account
- at the end of the subscription period, if the subscription cannot be extended due to the payment method (card expired, not enough funds, etc.)
- unilaterally by the user by deleting the account
- unilaterally by the WSA if one or more provisions are considered to have been violated

By suspending the account, the user is still allowed access to the administration platform, but access to the digital menu via the QR code is restricted.

For users who have a suspended account, reactivating a subscription can be done through the administration console.
The user will have to choose a subscription again, respectively to add a valid card with funds.
The activation of the subscription is done instantly, after activating and debiting the card with the value of the newly chosen subscription.

If a user decides, he can delete his own account and all data (including tax or card related).
The operation is irreversible, the account and all data (including those related to the content of the digital menu) will be deleted and the user will no longer have access to the application.

When information is requested from you through this site, it is for the purpose of identifying you or contacting you. This is all the more necessary when using the applications available on the site.
The nature of the information requested relates in particular to personal data (name, address, telephone numbers), e-mail address, how WSA products and / or services are used or intended to be used, but may also include other information in close connection with the use of the requested services and / or products.
In order to better meet the needs and questions of users, the information requested through this site will be subject to electronic storage and processing.

For details on the processing of personal data, the identity of the operator and the like, see the "Privacy" section of our website.

The content of the information refers to the description in a certain degree of detail of WSA activities, products and services.
WSA will not provide any warranty regarding:
- avoiding difficult use or interruption in the use of the site;
- non-negatively affecting other systems by using the site;
- the absence on the site of viruses or other components that could harm users.
Thus, WSA cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the site or platform.

All information presented on the site about WSA products, prices, information, marketing campaigns and promotions, technical aspects, are presented for information. Nothing in the savor.land content can constitute a firm offer to contract and cannot engage WSA's liability in the absence of further agreements.

Through the administration console, each user has the freedom to add the digital menu, later available to restaurant customers by scanning the QR code. You can add / edit / delete categories, products, text information, prices, images or logos.
The user is solely and completely responsible for all content entered.

Any dissatisfaction related to the registration, access, use of the site and the platform, will be communicated directly to us by email at contact@savor.land
The dissatisfaction will be registered and you will receive a written response, on the email address mentioned on the occasion of bringing to our notice the dissatisfaction, within a maximum of 2 working days.

The user declares that he agrees not to make public these grievances (on social networks, media, private discussions or in any other way) subject to bearing the damages caused by the image damage caused to the owner of the site by these actions.
Any complaint shall be submitted within a maximum of one month from the date of notification of the claimed situation.

The official language of communication is:
- Romanian language for Romanian accounts
- English for all accounts outside Romania

To facilitate some services, different sections of the site or application may be translated into other languages. WSA does not assume responsibility for incorrect translations or misinterpretations.

Your continued use of this site constitutes your express and unequivocal consent in accordance with the provisions of Law 677/2001 and the GDPR directives for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. For any questions regarding the exercise of your rights regarding the use of the site and the protection of use, please contact us.

Last update: September 1, 2021