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A digital menu is the digital presentation of all dishes and drinks from a classic menu, on your phone or tablet, accessible by scanning a code (an image), called a QR code.
The digital menu offers 100% protection against viruses and germs present on classic covers and prints, and in addition to this ultimate benefit, the digital menu comes with various creative and enjoyable functions and animations for customers.
Restaurant guests can access the digital menu quickly and easily without the need for an installed application. They just need to scan the QR code made available to them on tables or in other public places, using the Camera on their phone or tablet.
The digital menu comes with many benefits for both restaurants and customers.
The web application, called SAVOR is the ideal solution for implementing the digital menu in your place!
We have created an administration system so easy to manage that you can enjoy the digital menu in your restaurant, within a few hours of registration.
Enter your menu, simple and fast. You can customize the interface that customers see, have access to the function for the multilingual menu and you can add photos for each dish.
Customers can enjoy the digital menu in your restaurant, by scanning the QR code, before the waiter arrives at the table.
Choose to use the online order form for home delivery, package or room service and you will enjoy a very powerful tool to increase revenue.
Administration platform
The user-friendly admin platform provides access to the digital menu settings and customization:
- you can customize the interface of the application that customers see
- you can access the multilingual menu function
- you can enter your menu by categories and you can choose the icons specific to the dishes
- you can enter the list of allergens
- you can access your billing history
- you can change your package
- you can download the QR code
- you can view all anonymous customer opinions
'- you can activate online orders
- you can manage online orders

Mobile application or digital menu
The mobile application or digital menu is the interface that customers see when they scan the QR code in your premises.
From the mobile application, customers can view all product categories, create their order list and send anonymous feedback to the restaurant manager.

The QR code
The QR code is an image that contains a unique code for each location and is generated when the menu is uploaded. We recommend our customers to display QR codes in as many visible places in the restaurant as possible, such as tables, menus or panels.
Along with the QR code, you will also receive a unique link / web address to your digital menu, which you will be able to promote on social networks, send on WhatsApp or by email.
Customers have access to the mobile application by scanning the QR code.
It's easier than you think!
All you have to do is display the QR code generated from the application as visibly as possible at the tables.
Customers can enjoy the items in the menu before the waiter arrives at the table.
In addition to the safety of a clean, germ-free menu, they have a unique experience, given the special design of the application and the photo gallery accessible with code scanning.
They can create their own order list, simply calculate their bill and send anonymous feedback on the food and served drinks.
In the case of hotels, the QR code can be displayed in each room. Thus, customers can see all the dishes on the menu, or place orders for room service. All orders arrive instantly at the reception, in the administration platform, by email or even on WhatsApp at the number set by you.
1. Register by creating an account on our site. You will only need your email address.
2. Confirm your email address.
3. Once the email address is confirmed, you will be redirected to the administration platform where you can customize your application, enter the menu and photos of the dishes. Also here, you can use the multilingual menu function and create short "Welcome" messages.
4. Print and display the QR code. Download the QR code image from the administration platform, print it and display it on the tables and in as many visible places in your restaurant as possible.
5. Enjoy a delicious experience with your customers!